WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Explains Why Rudy Giuliani Will Probably be Disbarred

2 years ago 1607

Rudy Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz have something in common. At one point, both men were renowned for their legal expertise. Then they decided to go all in on the Trump train. And since, then, both of their reputations have taken quite a hit.

Giuliani, in fact, is in danger of losing his ability to practice law in the state of New York. During a recent appearance on Newsmax, Dershowitz predicted that the former New York City Mayor may not be able to practice law again.

He can appeal this. He can seek a hearing but I think he’s cooked,” said the renowned trial lawyer. “In front of the Appellate Division. They’ve already said it’s likely that there will be permanent sanctions, which means disbarment.”

Dershowitz did think, however, that Giuliani may better his chances by appealing to the highest court in the land. “I think his best chance will be in the United States Supreme Court,” he continued. “And I think the United States Supreme Court will take a case like this because they will see selective prosecution. They will see that he had a First Amendment right to go on television even if he ended up being wrong, even if what he said was not truthful.”

Giuliani was already having money issues before the federal raid. And if he was planning on getting paid by Donald Trump, he will probably be waiting a very long time. It’s likely that the former mayor won’t be able to afford to take his case to the Supreme Court.

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