Peninsula Man Opened Up Backyard Pool for Olympic Athletes During Pandemic

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When the pandemic unopen down pools crossed the country, Olympic grooming came to a halt.

Tod Spieker said that’s erstwhile his neighbour successful Atherton -- a erstwhile Stanford swimming manager -- gave him a call.

“He said, ‘Tod, we’d similar to cognize if we tin usage your pool.’ I said, ‘Who is it?’ helium said, “‘Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel,’” said Spieker. “I said, ‘Have them get ahold of me,’ which they did. I said, ‘Have astatine it!’”

Ledecky and Manuel, Stanford and Olympic swimmers, took him up connected the connection grooming successful his backyard for 3 months with their coach. 

“We were proceeding stories astir radical grooming and it was horrible,” said Spiekr. “This conscionable acceptable the bill.” 

Spieker was an all-american swimmer astatine UCLA, wherever the aquatics halfway is named aft him. 

So his 25-yard excavation is built for the existent happening with peculiar gutters and timers.


“Basically these are 2 contention lanes,” helium said. 

While helium was mostly gone during the training, his girl and grandkids were often bonding with the 2 women.

“Having them present was specified an honor,” said Lindy Hopman. “It was truthful fascinating watching them, and seeing however accelerated they are successful existent life.” 

So erstwhile they stitchery astir connected nights similar Tuesday night, erstwhile Ledecky won golden successful the 1500m, it’s a peculiar feeling knowing they played a relation successful helping Team USA.

“It definite adds a immense other involvement level erstwhile you knew they trained close present successful a small backyard pool,” said Spieker. 

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