‘Just a Few More Weeks': Newsom Forecasts End to Pandemic in Very Near Future

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Despite soaring Omicron rates and adjacent grounds hospitalizations, Governor Gavin Newsom is forecasting an extremity to the pandemic successful the precise adjacent future.

The politician is possibly being overly optimistic, but 1 of the astir respected infectious diseases experts successful the federation agrees with him.

“We’re gonna get done this,” said Newsom. “A fewer much weeks.”

He made these remarks 1 time aft California acceptable an all-time precocious with much than 143,000 caller cases, and connected the aforesaid time the authorities acceptable the all-time seven-day positivity complaint of 23%.


“Preparing for – not the pandemic signifier of this world – but the endemic signifier of this reality,” said Newsom. “How to beryllium and however we unrecorded with aboriginal variants.”

UCSF Infectious illness specializer Dr. Monica Gandhi, couldn't hold more. She said successful the endemic stage, you dainty the microorganism similar influenza.

“We don’t effort to test, interaction hint oregon disguise ourselves retired of it,” she said. “It’s truly that we dainty it with vaccines, which we anticipation everyone volition get, and if we request attraction for the unvaccinated oregon those with terrible breakthroughs, we usage treatment. But beingness goes backmost to fundamentally normal.”

High vaccination rates and tons of earthy immunity from the rapidly-spreading omicron person apt provided extortion from immoderate variant comes next.

And arsenic acold arsenic that record-setting fig of omicron cases goes, Gandhi guarantees they’ll commencement to travel down successful a substance of conscionable days. She bases that connected what she calls, “solid” evidence.

“We really show COVID successful sewage and what’s happening successful the sewage, genomics sequences of COVID are coming down truthful that’s the archetypal motion we’ve already peaked with our discarded h2o COVID,” said Gandhi.

As for erstwhile we determination from the pandemic to endemic phase, Gandhi and the politician accidental astir a period from now.

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