Disaster For Republicans As Arizona Ballot Audit Totally Backfires

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The Trump-driven Arizona ballot audit has backfired, as nearly half of Arizona voters oppose it, and it has added to support for President Biden.

Politico reported:

By 49-46 percent, Arizona voters are opposed to the audit, which puts the result within the poll’s margin of error. But the survey of 600 likely voters found that the intensity of opposition to the audit exceeded the intensity of support, with those strongly opposed to it outnumbering those strongly in favor by 5 percentage points. And while Democrats and Republicans broke along familiar partisan lines, independent voters upon whom the state pivots in close elections opposed the audit by 18 percentage points.


In a head-to-head rematch in Arizona, the poll shows, Biden, edges Trump by 51-44 percent. The poll, which was conducted June 17 through June 23, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Arizona is no longer a red state. It is a swing state, and the only thing that Arizona Republicans accomplished with their ballot was to alienate and enrage non-Republican voters. Republicans in other states would be wise to stay far, far away from this idea.

Voters have no interest in relitigating the 2020 election, and they have even less interest in anything that brings Donald Trump back to prominence in the political realm.

Trump and Rudy Giuliani were the driving force behind the audit.  Trump believes that the audit is going to prove that he won the election, and he will be restored back to the presidency, which is impossible and will never happen.

The Arizona ballot audit has backfired on Republicans, and the new poll is the first warning sign that if Republicans pursue a 2024 rematch, Joe Biden may win by an even larger margin.

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