AWS is retiring EC2-Classic soon: Here's what you need to know

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Migration tools are available, but astir EC2 customers won't beryllium impacted, said Gartner researcher.



Amazon Web Services has announced its plans to unopen down its venerable EC2-Classic product, with immoderate users incapable to entree the work opening connected October 30, 2021. 

Originally launched successful 2006, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) utilized a level web exemplary with nationalist IP addresses. The level exemplary didn't springiness EC2 users arsenic overmuch power implicit their IP addresses and web topology arsenic was ideal, and truthful successful 2013, EC2 shifted to a virtual backstage unreality (VPC) exemplary successful which each EC2 lawsuit was separated. EC2-Classic was calved astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic the VPC shift.

"AWS's announcement astir the status of EC2-Classic is an illustration of the on-going improvement of unreality work platforms wherever aged architectures are being updated and replaced," said Ed Anderson, distinguished probe vice president astatine Gartner. 

Anderson said that astir EC2 customers won't beryllium affected by the change. "EC2-Classic supported elemental web configurations that worked good astatine the time, but which person been replaced by much blase approaches. Most organizations already usage hierarchical networking and different much precocious EC2 capabilities," Anderson said.

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Echoing that, galore EC2 customers whitethorn not adjacent beryllium alert of EC2-Classic: Accounts created connected oregon aft December 4, 2013 were created arsenic VPC-only, and were fixed entree to EC2-Classic lone upon request. 

Users who created EC2 accounts anterior to December 4, 2013 whitethorn privation to ticker retired for the coming changes, and should wage peculiar attraction to 2 dates: October 30, 2021, astatine which constituent EC2-Classic volition beryllium disabled for each users who don't person an progressive EC2-Classic instance, and August 15, 2022, erstwhile each migrations should beryllium completed, and EC2-Classic won't beryllium disposable for anyone. 

AWS recommends each organizations utilizing EC2-Class (or those who whitethorn person information surviving connected an inactive cluster) should question retired and migrate the pursuing resources: 

  • Running oregon stopped EC2 instances.
  • Running oregon stopped RDS database instances.
  • Elastic IP addresses–you tin usage the "move-address-to-vpc" command.
  • Classic Load Balancers.
  • Redshift clusters.
  • Elastic Beanstalk environments.
  • EMR clusters.
  • AWS Data Pipelines pipelines.
  • ElastiCache clusters.
  • Reserved Instances. 
  • Spot Requests.
  • Capacity Reservations.

A fig of migration tools are available. The steps to uncovering the supra resources and utilizing migration tools are disposable connected Amazon's announcement astir EC2-Classic's extremity of life.

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"Rest assured that we are going to marque this arsenic creaseless and arsenic non-disruptive arsenic possible. We are not readying to disrupt immoderate workloads and we are giving you plentifulness of pb clip truthful that you tin plan, test, and execute your migration," said AWS main evangelist Jeff Barr.

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