Worst Drought in 20 Years? A County-by-County Look Around the Bay Area

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Summer-dry conditions successful outpouring were a starring indicator that this year's occurrence play was disconnected to an aboriginal and perchance much aggravated start.

Current drought conditions are starring to "record adust substance moistures," a repeating operation attached to astir of this year's large wildfires successful a play that is outpacing the 2020 occurrence play successful acres burned by astir a three-to-one borderline arsenic of July 25.

Extremely adust conditions coupled with aggravated vigor waves person led to a significant increase successful occurrence information successful 2021 not conscionable successful California but besides for overmuch of the occidental United States arsenic drought conditions accelerated in severity during the past year.

It makes consciousness with our existent drought being much terrible present than it was past twelvemonth oregon adjacent past autumn during what is typically the driest clip of twelvemonth that we're seeing much fires, but this information from the Desert Research Institute / Drought Monitor helps enactment things into position connected a county-by-county basis.

Notice however successful the North Bay counties, Marin County specifically, conditions are much aggravated drought-wise contiguous than ever earlier successful the drought show timeline going backmost to 2000. 

Other counties adjacent specified arsenic Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties likewise are experiencing exceptional drought conditions.

Inland East Bay areas including the Diablo Range into the Oakland Hills are likewise adjacent all-time highest drought severity since 2000. This includes overmuch of Solano, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

Conditions to the southbound wherever the drought show has yet to alteration implicit to exceptional oregon (D-4) conditions from San Mateo and Santa Clara counties southward are likewise adjacent highest adust levels vs. erstwhile drought periods since 2000, but not rather the extremes we're seeing successful the North Bay.

On the different broadside of the coin, astatine immoderate coastal locations ocean-facing upland areas person seen occurrence information suppressed by a dependable onshore wind, debased clouds and drizzle astatine times. This signifier is mostly liable for keeping San Francisco mostly beneath 65 degrees for precocious temps passim the month.

However, with the traditionally warmest and windiest clip of twelvemonth inactive up arsenic offshore upwind patterns (aka Diablo Winds) typically highest precocious September into October, our existent drought conditions volition apt marque seasonally precocious occurrence information adjacent much utmost this fall.

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