Wildfire Smoke Expected to Return to Bay Area Skies

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Wildfires burning crossed the U.S. West and a alteration successful upwind patterns mean Bay Area skies volition apt go filled with fume arsenic the week goes on.

More fume is expected to stroke successful arsenic aboriginal arsenic Wednesday.

Air prime tin and often does deteriorate quickly. While aerial filters and purifiers are well-stocked connected hardware store shelves, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) says radical whitethorn privation to get 1 earlier the rush.

"The archetypal happening is, if the temperatures allow, support your windows and doors shut," Aaron Richardson with BAAQMD said. "Stay wrong if there's fume successful the neighborhood. We truly urge buying an aerial purifier and mounting up a cleanable aerial room."

When it comes to masks, officials urge that radical usage N95 masks if they person to beryllium extracurricular successful the smoke.

Significant betterment successful aerial prime adjacent the Diablo Range vs this morning. Westerly winds are winning the day. If you bask the outdoors contiguous is your day, it whitethorn beryllium hard to find skies this wide time & this week with northbound / offshore upwind tonight. #CAwx #FireWx pic.twitter.com/y5TnSsA2BU

— Rob Mayeda (@RobMayeda) August 17, 2021

Air check: reasonably extended fume aloft yet Bay Area crushed level stations are being helped by onshore upwind below. This signifier should statesman to alteration aboriginal contiguous arsenic northbound / offshore upwind increases into Wednesday #CAwx pic.twitter.com/eI6gnbKOY3

— Rob Mayeda (@RobMayeda) August 17, 2021
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