Veterans April Ross and Alix Klineman Knock Cuba in Round of 16

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Early errors abounded successful the circular of 16 match betwixt the U.S.' second-seeded April Ross and Alix Klineman and Cuba's 20th-seeded Lidy and Leila, but the Americans yet prevailed: 21-17, 21-15.

After two U.S. teams were knocked retired of the men and women's tournaments yesterday, veterans Ross (silver medalist astatine the London 2012 Olympics, bronze astatine Rio 2016) and Klineman had important value connected their shoulders. They kicked disconnected the archetypal acceptable trading points with their Cuban opponents, but edged up astatine 11-9. Cuba ne'er trailed excessively acold behind, but the Americans held the precocious hand through a 21-17 acceptable win.

Cuba struck backmost with a 6-1 lead successful the second, including 2 aces. But contempt immoderate coagulated plays, Cuba kept making errors -- including a arguable interference astatine the net, which led to a necktie astatine 9-9 and an American vantage astatine 10-9. After trailing early, Team USA went connected a  won the 2nd acceptable -- and lucifer -- astatine 21-15. 

Ross and Klineman are disconnected to the quarterfinals, wherever they volition play Germany. They're conscionable 3 wins distant from a golden medal -- which would beryllium Ross' first.  

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