Veteran VTA Employee Who Witnessed Mass Shooting in May Dies

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A Valley Transportation Authority worker who was successful 1 of the buildings during a mass shooting astatine a San Jose VTA obstruction yard successful May has died, the bureau confirmed Tuesday successful a statement.

Henry Gonzales was a seasoned overgarment and assemblage idiosyncratic astatine the Guadalupe Light Rail Yard northbound of downtown San Jose, the VTA said. That gait connected the greeting of May 26 was wherever a VTA idiosyncratic changeable and killed 9 chap employees earlier taking his ain life.

The VTA said Gonzales's origin of decease is nether investigation, and the San Jose Police Department connected Tuesday had not yet confirmed the cause, though it did regularisation retired foul play.

The VTA issued a connection Tuesday morning:

"With a dense heart, we corroborate the passing of seasoned VTA worker Henry Gonzales, who worked arsenic a Paint and Body Worker astatine VTA’s Guadalupe Light Rail Yard. The origin of decease is nether probe by the San Jose Police Department. This is simply a precise hard clip for VTA employees and their families, and we petition privateness arsenic we grieve the nonaccomplishment of Henry portion continuing to grapple with the nonaccomplishment of 9 different co-workers who were tragically killed successful May. The VTA Board and Executive Team extends deepest sympathies to Henry’s family."

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