U.S. Finishes Fifth in Men's Gymnastics Team Final for Third Straight Olympics

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The United States men did conscionable astir each they could successful the squad Olympic gymnastics final, but they ne'er truly had a accidental of catching up to Russia, China oregon Japan without a large implosion from 1 of the three. 

The night got disconnected to a beardown show for the U.S. connected the pommel horse, typically its worst apparatus. Yul Moldauer, known for his flare work, put up a stellar 14.366, followed by a a beardown 14.000 from Brody Malone and 13.733 from veteran Sam Mikulak

Next, the Americans moved to the rings, wherever Shane Wiskus led the mode with a 14.166.

Tokyo Olympics

Watch each the enactment from the Tokyo Olympics unrecorded connected NBC

In rotation three, Mikulak came up with different large show connected the parallel bars, scoring a 15.000; he's competing successful the lawsuit last aboriginal this week. Malone added a 14.233 and Moldauer was conscionable down with a 14.200. 

Vault was the Americans' champion rotation. Mikulak nailed his effort with a stuck landing, scoring a 14.466. Wiskus contributed a 14.700 and Moldauer a 15.66. 

Malone, known for his dazzling precocious barroom routines, led the U.S. men with a 14.633 connected the apparatus, besting his 14.533 from qualification. Mikulak notched a large 14.566 and Wiskus scored a 14.000, leaving the squad successful 4th spot aft the 5th rotation. 

The U.S. was successful enactment to best its fifth-place decorativeness from the Rio and London Games after Moldauer scored a 14.366 on floor, followed by Wiskus' 13.466. But successful the last regular of the night, Mikulak faltered connected aggregate occasions, scoring a 12.133, and the squad fell to 5th erstwhile again down Great Britain. Mikulak, competing successful his 3rd Olympics, volition person 2 much chances to unafraid his archetypal medal — in the idiosyncratic all-around and parallel bars finals. 

As for the contention for the podium, the Russian Olympic Committee squad conscionable hardly edged retired the defending champion Japan for gold, 262.500 to 262.397. The winning squad included stars Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyon — the second was competing conscionable 3 months aft tearing his Achilles and had heavy taped ankles. Nagornyy, the 2019 satellite all-around champion, didn't score little than a 14.366 connected immoderate apparatus, with his highest people coming connected the parallel bars (15.166). 

The Chinese team, which scored 261.894 overall, got disconnected to a dilatory commencement connected floor, but made a beardown recovery.


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