Tokyo Updates: USA Medal Count at 38, Track and Field Competition Kicks Off

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The prima is rising connected the seventh time of the Tokyo Olympics, and Team USA volition beryllium engaged trying to adhd to its medal number successful respective swimming finals portion way and tract kicks off.

Tune successful to NBC's primetime coverage, and cheque backmost present for unrecorded updates connected each that's happening successful Tokyo connected Day 7:

Team USA Enters Day 7 With 38 Olympic Medals

As the seventh time of contention begins successful Tokyo, the United States medal number stands astatine 38.

Team USA has earned 14 gold, 14 metallic and 10 bronze medals astatine the 2020 Olympics. Behind them sits China with 31 full medals, the ROC with 28, Japan with 25 and Australia with 20.

Tokyo Olympics

Watch each the enactment from the Tokyo Olympics unrecorded connected NBC

Track and Field Competition to Begin In Tokyo

Olympic track and tract is kicking disconnected astatine the Tokyo Games, with respective qualifying rounds acceptable to get underway contiguous astatine 8 p.m. ET.

There volition beryllium plentifulness to ticker tonight, including some the women's 100m and 800m, on with qualification for the men's discus and men's precocious jump.

The archetypal way and tract medal to beryllium awarded is the men’s 10,000m last connected Friday.

Someone Not Named Michael Phelps Will Win Men's 200m IM for First Time Since 2000

The golden medal victor of the men's 200m idiosyncratic medley for the past 4 Summer Olympics has been Michael Phelps … but that each changes connected Thursday night.

For the archetypal clip since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, idiosyncratic other volition basal astatine the apical of the men's 200m IM podium.

The last is astatine 10:16 p.m. ET, and American Michael Andrew has a accidental to instrumentality implicit the throne aft finishing 2nd during the semifinal vigor connected Wednesday.

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