‘That's Just Not Right': Barbara Boxer Speaks Out After Being Assaulted, Robbed in Oakland

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Former California Sen. Barbara Boxer connected Tuesday spoke retired aft being mugged successful wide daylight successful Oakland.

Someone pushed Boxer and past yanked her cellphone retired of her manus Monday day arsenic she was walking successful the Jack London Square area. She said she was not physically harmed but was shaken up.

"You can’t conscionable travel up to a small aged woman and smash her down to the ground," she said. "That’s conscionable not right. There’s a batch of enactment to beryllium done. I’ve spoken to the mayor. I’ve spoken to Congresswoman Lee. I consciousness precise optimistic that alteration is coming."

Boxer said the antheral who attacked her looked young capable to beryllium a teen.

She said she supports much assemblage policing successful Oakland.

The 80-year-old served successful the Senate for 24 years.

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