Silicon Valley Tech Companies Tighten Their Rules on COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Tech companies ample and tiny are tightening their rules connected vaccinations.

Google became 1 of the archetypal tech giants to propulsion down the gauntlet Wednesday, but already different Bay Area companies are starting to travel suit, telling employees that if they privation to travel backmost to the office, they indispensable beryllium vaccinated. 

CEO Sundar Pichai sent retired a memo that reads, successful part, "Anyone coming to enactment connected our campuses volition request to beryllium vaccinated."

"I deliberation you'll spot galore employees pursuing suit," said UCSF Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Monica Gandhi. "We are heading backmost indoors with the autumn and wintertime coming, and those are higher hazard settings, and a clump of vaccinated radical unneurotic is simply a low-risk setting."

In fact, Facebook followed suit soon after, arsenic did Foster City cyber information institution Exabeam.

"What we deliberation the astir due happening to bash is prioritize wellness for our employees," said CEO Michael Decesare, citing wellness concerns some for coworkers, and clients.

"For those who privation to beryllium portion of it, they person to supply impervious of vaccination,” helium said. “So we cognize the colonisation we're putting into an situation with each different is each successful the nonstop aforesaid situation."


A concern tons of companies accidental they're acrophobic about.

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