Rosie the Riveter: Remembering Phyllis Gould

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One of the women who built ships successful Richmond during World War II has passed away. The “Rosie the Riveter's” existent sanction was Phyllis Gould. 

Her work to the state did not halt erstwhile the warfare was over. In 1991, Phyllis decided that the millions of women who worked stateside for the warfare effort needed to beryllium recognized by the White House. She began a missive penning run that would spell connected for 12 years.

“Her letters that were each possibly pinkish oregon covered with stickers, thing to drawback their eye, it didn’t work,”said her sister Marian Sousa. “But erstwhile she wrote to Vice President Biden, helium got her missive and called her connected the telephone and invited america to Washington D.C.”


So, Phyllis and her sister, who was an technologist astatine the Richmond shipbuilding yard, met President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden astatine the White House. 

Phyllis besides designed The Rosie, the riveter golden medal that is going to the Smithsonian, which contains the faces of women from 5 antithetic taste groups. 

Gould was 99 years old.

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