Outpouring of Support for Simone Biles From Olympians Past and Present

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Support poured successful for U.S. gymnast Simone Biles, who withdrew from the women's squad last astatine the Tokyo Games after a disappointing vault, saying she had to absorption connected her intelligence health. "After the show I did, I conscionable didn’t privation to spell on,”

Biles, 24, who has won 30 Olympic and World titles, The 24-year-old American aboriginal said her aboriginal astatine the Games volition beryllium determined later.

Meanwhile, enactment for Biles poured successful from teammates, Olympians past and present, celebrities and others.

Here’s what immoderate radical are saying:

Jordan Chiles, U.S. Olympics gymnast, who replaced Biles

"That was a immense thing. When I was told that I had to enactment my grips on, I was conscionable similar OMG. Those were decidedly immoderate large shoes that I had to capable and I'm precise blessed that I was capable to bash that. Yes, she is the GOAT (greatest of each time). I was capable to amusement the satellite that not lone tin you capable astonishing people's shoes but we besides did this unneurotic arsenic well."

Mai Murakami, Japanese Olympic gymnast

Tokyo Olympics

Watch each the enactment from the Tokyo Olympics unrecorded connected NBC

"This is precise antithetic for her, but if you're nether a batch of unit it tin impact your body... I deliberation she decided to prevention her assemblage for aboriginal this week, for the all-around and apparatus."

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Aly Raisman, retired U.S. gymnast And Olympic gold medalist

"I consciousness sick to my stomach. It's horrible. I cognize that each of these athletes imagination of this infinitesimal for their full full lives and truthful I'm conscionable wholly devastated and evidently truthful disquieted and conscionable hoping Simone's OK. I'm besides reasoning astir the intelligence interaction this has to person connected Simone. It's conscionable truthful overmuch unit and I've been watching however overmuch unit has been connected her the months starring up to the Games and it's conscionable devastating. I consciousness horrible."

"Just a affable reminder: Olympic athletes are quality & they're doing the champion they can. It's REALLY hard to highest astatine the close infinitesimal & bash the regular of your beingness nether specified pressure."

Adam Rippon, retired U.S. fig skater

"I can't ideate the unit Simone has been feeling. Sending her SO overmuch love. It casual to hide she's inactive human. WE LOVE YOU."

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos, French Olympic gymnast

"We are not utilized to seeing Simone Biles similar this. I would similar to accidental that it is not casual due to the fact that she is Simone Biles and everyone is watching her. She took down the trouble (downgraded) not to wounded herself. And I deliberation she did the close thing. It's truthful hard psychologically for her. I deliberation she doesn't adjacent deliberation immoderate much astir what she needs to do. She thinks what she mightiness bash wrong. And this destabilized her."

Jen Psaki, White House property secretary

"Gratitude and enactment are what @Simone_Biles deserves. Still the GOAT and we are each conscionable fortunate to beryllium capable to spot her successful action."

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves

"Sending thing but emotion and positivity to the @Simone_Biles"

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