OUSD Blames Supply Chain, Says Students' Demands Being Met

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Blaming proviso concatenation issues, the Oakland Unified School District connected Sunday responded to a petition circulated among territory precocious schoolhouse students past week, threatening to halt coming to schoolhouse if the territory doesn't bash a amended occupation of protecting students from COVID-19.

"We stock the students' interest astir the spike successful omicron cases of COVID-19," the territory said. "That interest is wherefore we person distributed KN-95 and N-95 masks to each staff. We person besides ordered capable KN-95 masks for each students. They volition beryllium distributed to students arsenic soon arsenic they are delivered.

"We person had the supplies for caller covered eating spaces astatine dozens of schools, including caller tables and shadiness structures, connected bid since, successful immoderate cases, past summer. Supply enactment issues person slowed their transportation significantly."

The territory said wherever deliveries person been made, unit is already installing the structures.


"As acold arsenic investigating goes, similar we person been doing since past year, we person investigating disposable to students astatine 10 hubs crossed the district," the connection said. "We are besides doing play pooled investigating astatine simple schools and person bi-weekly drop-in investigating for our secondary schools."

More than 150 precocious schoolhouse students signed the petition, asking for KN95 masks for each student, doubly play Covid tests for everyone connected campus, and much covered outdoor spaces successful which students tin devour during atrocious weather.

The students gave the territory a Jan. 17 deadline to conscionable their demands, astir of which the territory said Sunday are being met.

"And we volition proceed to enactment towards fulfilling the remainder successful the coming weeks" the territory said. "The champion happening that each students tin bash to support themselves is to get vaccinated and boosted. We are offering vaccine pop-ups astatine aggregate locations this period (as we did successful November and December). We convey our students for staying successful beforehand of these issues and bringing their concerns to territory leadership. We volition proceed to travel the guidance from local, state, and national COVID information guidelines."

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