More Than Half of SF Restaurants Support Vaccine Requirement for Indoor Dining

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A caller survey shows much than fractional of San Francisco restaurants enactment vaccination requirements for indoor dining, but determination are questions astir however to marque that work.

"I deliberation it's conscionable a earthy concatenation of events, which, the absorption that we’re headed, is that we’re going to person to commencement asking for vaccination cards," said Mat Schuster, proprietor of Canela Bistro & Wine Bar successful the Castro District. "It doesn’t look that things are getting immoderate better."

Schuster took portion successful a Golden Gate Restaurant Association survey that recovered 63% of restaurants are supportive of an indoor vaccination request that includes customers and staff.

"It tells maine a batch of autarkic edifice owners are consenting to marque immoderate compromises if it lets america support everybody steadfast and support america successful business," Laurie Thomas with the edifice relation said.

The edifice relation did not contented a broad recommendation, but it powerfully asked employers to necessitate workers to beryllium vaccinated.

Sometimes, restaurants person antithetic challenges than bars.

"Restaurants person aggregate entrances, restaurants person radical similar transportation drivers coming successful and out, sometimes vendors coming successful and out, surely customers coming successful and out, radical sitting outside," Thomas said.

Pete Sittnick with Waterbar Restaurant and EPIC Steak said he's looking astatine the information and doesn't instrumentality the contented lightly.

"With regards to requiring guests' impervious of vaccination, it’s a precise hard 1 for a restaurant," helium said. "We would beryllium successful favour of it if it was a authorities mandate, either the authorities oregon the city."

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