Missing East Bay Runner's Family Not Giving Up Hope

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The household of an East Bay runner who has been missing for implicit 2 weeks is holding retired anticipation that he'll beryllium recovered alive.

Philip Kreycik disappeared connected July 10 portion going for a tally astatine Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. The 37-year-old went for what should person been an hr run, but helium ne'er returned home.

"We judge that there's a accidental that Philip made it retired of the park," Kreycik's begetter said Wednesday. "If helium did, we deliberation that helium volition travel back. He whitethorn beryllium recovering from a carnal occupation oregon a situation of immoderate sort, but we're convinced that there's a bully Samaritan who's looking aft him and taking attraction of him."

Kreycik's cellphone and wallet were recovered successful his car astatine the park.

Even aft aggravated searching by instrumentality enforcement and volunteers, there's inactive nary motion of him.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office said the hunt has been 1 of the biggest for a missing idiosyncratic connected the West Coast.

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