Joey's verdict on Pearce as early exit looms

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Knights fable Andrew Johns has backed prima halfback Mitchell Pearce to instrumentality up an connection from French nine Catalans, adjacent if it means an aboriginal exit from his Newcastle deal.

The Knights' play ended connected the play after a constrictive decision to Parramatta successful the elimination final, which the legendary halfback characterised arsenic a "failure".

As Johns formed an oculus implicit what the squad could look similar successful 2022, the Eighth Immortal said a determination to Europe is an charismatic imaginable for Pearce, contempt having 12 months near to tally connected his existent NRL deal.

The halfback has been linked to Catalans Dragons, arsenic good arsenic a fistful of NRL clubs, including Canterbury Bulldogs, Canberra Raiders, and Wests Tigers.

But the Super League is the champion option, according to Johns.

"I deliberation that'd beryllium a large accidental for him," Johns told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

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Mitchell Pearce whitethorn beryllium departing Newcastle (Getty)

"Catalans offering him a two-three twelvemonth deal... southbound of France, anonymous, weekends off, alert into wherever - it takes you fractional an hr to an hr to alert each implicit Europe.

"Less eyes connected him, faster much unfastened game.

"I deliberation if helium decides to go, I deliberation Catalans would beryllium a large acceptable for him."

NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler praised the extent astatine the Knights down Pearce.

"It'll beryllium absorbing what goes connected with Mitchell Pearce there," Fittler told Wide World of Sports.

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"I thought Jake Clifford did an unthinkable job. Adam Clune coming up arsenic well, you've got Phoenix Crossland."

Johns is inactive upbeat astir the aboriginal for the Knights too, nevertheless helium said the nine needs to find a winning mentality and enactment accordant for the full season.

"A walk [mark] is winning the contention - that's the lone walk you get. Coming runner-up, oregon third, 4th oregon sixth oregon whatever, to me, it is simply a fail," Johns said.

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"If you judge conscionable making the 8 arsenic a walk past there's a flaw successful your nine oregon arsenic an individual.

"People mightiness beryllium blessed that the Knights made the 8 but we've got to alteration immoderate things up, peculiarly with their attack.

"They request their onslaught tweaked, but if we saw that combat from the Knights past week against Parramatta during the year, they would person had a overmuch much palmy year.

"I don't cognize wherever it is. They didn't get overmuch accidental but they conscionable hung in, but we haven't seen that consistently each year."

Tex Hoy. (Getty)

Looking astatine imaginable halves partnerships for adjacent play and beyond astatine the Knights, Johns added that youngster Tex Hoy needs to clasp a power to fivbe-eighth, with the No.1 jersey locked up by Origin prima Kalyn Ponga.

"Tex is simply a fullback but he's got to perpetrate to five-eighth. He won't beryllium playing fullback astatine the Knights portion Kalyn is there," Johns said.

"They've got a spot of extent astatine the Knights. Interesting to spot what happens with Mitchell."

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