East Bay District Welcomes Back Students on First Day of 2021-22 School Year

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It’s the archetypal time of schoolhouse for thousands of students successful the East Bay arsenic the bulk of Brentwood Union School District students are headed backmost to schoolhouse in-person.

Nearly each of this district’s 9,000 simple and mediate schoolhouse students returned to field starting Wednesday. The territory received a stock of much than $5 cardinal successful learning nonaccomplishment mitigation backing from the state.

"We spent our one-time wealth connected other counselors, involution specialists, summertime schoolhouse jumpstart programme and past involution coordinators to marque definite they’re gathering the request of each kid," territory Superintendent Dana Eaton said.

The authorities has required each schoolchildren to deterioration masks portion indoor, though masks outdoors volition beryllium optional. And unit tin spell maskless if determination are nary students present.

Physical distancing volition beryllium required lone portion eating, not successful classrooms.

The authorities besides elaborate screening and interaction tracing resources for districts, on with quarantine requirements, peculiarly for unvaccinated children and staff.

The authorities besides has a page dedicated to accusation for parents, from the aforementioned guidance to however to assistance your kid if they’re struggling academically oregon socially and emotionally.

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