Bay Area School Districts Face Decisions Amid Latest COVID-19 Surge

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As COVID-19 and its omicron variant proceed to spread, galore Bay Area schoolhouse districts are facing challenges and decisions.

In San Francisco, according to a societal media station by the teachers' union, the schoolhouse territory ran retired of COVID-19 trial kits, and the national has asked the territory to prioritize an statement astir masks, investigating and sick leave.

The territory did not instantly respond to requests for remark connected the union's claims. The territory already had offered an further 5 sick days for each employees to beryllium taken for COVID-19-related reasons.

Students successful 2 different Bay Area schoolhouse districts this week could beryllium moving backmost to distant learning. Hayward Unified announced successful a missive to families its students would modulation to virtual learning starting Monday due to the fact that of a surge successful COVID-19 cases and a terrible staffing shortage.


On Saturday, Milpitas Unified besides sent a missive to families saying schools volition stay unfastened this week, but students volition besides person the enactment to larn remotely.

Santa Clara County acquisition and nationalist wellness officials agreed that keeping schools unfastened and successful people full-time is important.

In Oakland, hundreds of students acrophobic astir COVID-19 protocol accidental they are preparing to locomotion retired if much preventive measures aren’t added.

More than 300 students signed petitions asking for KN-95 masks for each student, doubly play investigating for everyone connected field and much covered outdoor spaces to devour lunch. The students person acceptable a deadline of adjacent Monday, Jan. 17, for those demands.

The territory responded with a statement, saying successful part: "We are already meeting, oregon are successful the process of meeting, astir of the demands noted successful this petition, and we volition proceed to enactment towards fulfilling the remainder successful the coming weeks."

The district said proviso concatenation issues person slowed the transportation of masks and the materials needed to make the outdoor spaces the students are demanding.

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