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MILLBURY (CBS) – At Blackstone Valley Cinema de Lux Sunday, a cleanable crippled twist played retired connected the large surface – a existent beingness proposal!

“It was beauteous amazing. She’s the idiosyncratic I privation to beryllium with for the remainder of my life,” said Jonathan Holz.

Worcester animation creator Jonathan Holz worked with the Millbury theatre to marque his imagination a reality.

Julie Deoliveira and Jonathan Holz (WBZ-TV)

“I ever made her paintings and small illustrations for Valentine’s Day for example; Trying to marque thing a small bigger,” helium explained.

Girlfriends of the bride-to-be had their enactment chopped retired for them getting her to the theater.

“I was similar I don’t privation to ticker a movie. Can we spell to the promenade oregon something?” said Julie Deoliveira.

Jonathan Holz projected to his woman Julie Deoliveira astatine Blackstone Valley (Image recognition Jonathan Holz)

Seated each astir her successful the acheronian theater, were the couple’s household and friends.

When Julie saw her sanction travel up connected the screen, she realized it was her emotion communicative playing for the audience.

“I conscionable dropped the popcorn and I was similar ohio nary it’s going to happen. It was ace cute. Then I started to cry. It was amazing. I was like, ‘yeah conscionable springiness maine a kiss! Yes of course!” She recalled.

This unforgettable expansive gesture, lone the opening of their happily ever after.

“Since I met her everything I bash is to impressment her and consciousness special. I don’t deliberation there’s going to beryllium a time of my beingness I don’t privation to marque her consciousness special,” helium said.

A saccharine preview of coming attractions.

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