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Online Press Releases - How Are They Different From Traditional Press Releases?

Effective PR generates buzz about your company. This is as true in 2010 as it was in 1950.

Until recently, a traditional press release was a carefully crafted promotional construct that was issued by a public relations firm on behalf of your company. Your company had to hire a public relations firm because what you were buying was access to the people who controlled what was printed in the newspaper. In your town there were probably no more than 2 or 3 newspapers and everyone subscribed to them. There was immense competition for news. Unless you wanted to announce something scandalous, you had to know someone who knew someone to get your story in the paper.

In 2010 you have the power to be an entire Affordable Press Release Network and you can do everything from anywhere in the world as long as you are online. Online PR integrates search engine optimization, linking and blog outreach strategies into your public relations campaign to complement traditional public relations.

An effective online press release is critical for two reasons:

1. Improving brand awareness and reach

2. Necessary for maintaining a strong online reputation

As long as your message and brand image are clear and consistent, online press releases will help drive new traffic to your website and increase interest in your company and product offerings.

There are many online press release distribution sites. Many are free and a few are very expensive. Which distributors you choose depends largely on your budget and your objective. If you have little to no budget (less than $100/submission), the free distribution sites will suit you best. Just remember that, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The best approach is to use the free press release sites and then pay a nominal fee for a link or the ability to deliver the news to a more segmented audience.

The top 5 free online press release distribution sites are:

1. Press Release Power:

Press Release Power is a trusted name in Public Relations services, Press Release Distribution policy provided by us is highly-efficient and targets via our complete global Media Contact Database, online syndication and regional, national or international distribution.


This is another very ordinary looking site with good results. It provides free distribution service. If you want to deliver your release to a more segmented audience - by location or demographics - you can, but then the release is no longer free.


This service distribution site provides free submission and distribution along with search engine optimization benefits.


The site has a good page rank and gets good traffic. Active links are allowed.


The site has good page rank and gets good traffic.

If you have a larger budget, there are 2 leading paid press release distributors. Be prepared to spend much more money than you would ever spend using the Affordable Press Release WebsiteDepending on your requirements and budget, this might prove to be worthwhile.

To learn more about effective online press releases, visit Connect4 Consulting. Connect4 Consulting is a full service marketing and technology communications firm specializing in Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing.

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