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40 criminal groups are behind rising drug trafficking, extortion, and murders in Mexico City

mexico cityTomas Bravo/Reuters
  • At least 40 criminal groups, including the most powerful one in Mexico, are responsible for drug trafficking, extortion and homicides in Mexico City.
  • Those 40 gangs, identified by newspaper El Financiero, are an increase of 15 compared to the 25 identified a year ago by Mexico City's Attorney General and the city's police department.
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At least 40 criminal groups are responsible for drug trafficking, extortion and homicides in Mexico City, according to government reports and information obtained by the newspaper El Financiero.
The groups operate across the capital — 28 of them are in just one of Mexico City's 16 boroughs while 12 are engaged in illegal activities in two or more.See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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