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Spain had to send back faulty coronavirus tests to China that were supposed to be replacements for the first faulty batch

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  • Spain found faults in a batch of coronavirus tests sent by a Chinese company, which had been sent as a replacement for a first batch that the country received and then returned.
  • Spain says it now wants a refund for its entire order of 640,000 tests after finding the tests in both batches weren't sensitive enough to consistently detect the virus, El País newspaper reported.
  • The faults in the first batch from Bioeasy, the Chinese company, came at a crucial time in the county's fight against the outbreak. Now more than 21,000 people have died in the country. 
  • China said Bioeasy was not an approved retailer, and opened an investigation into it last month. Other countries have reported problems with equipment bought from other Chinese companies.
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Spain is returning a second batch of faulty coronavirus tests to a Chinese company that was intended to be a replacement for the first batch of faulty tests it received.

Spain's health ministry confirmed to El País newspaper that it is trying to get a refund for the tests that it bought from Bioeasy, a Chinese company, after testing a sample and discovering that they were not sensitive enough to detect enough coronavirus cases.

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