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Daily figures on SF coronavirus cases: confirmed cases up 0.6 percent and deaths remain at 17

The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides updates daily at 9 a.m. We will do the same.

The latest daily count of six new confirmed cases is the lowest daily count recorded since March 20 when the city reported 8 new cases.

We looked at whether there was a change in the number of tests being done,  but testing has been relatively consistent over the last three weeks.

In April, the number of tests fluctuates between 190 and 581 San Francisco News tests a day. On Wednesday, the city reported 277 tests.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Dr. Grant Colfax said the city does not know day to day, how many swabs the city will get, but that San Francisco has received enough to test those who most need it. He also said there has been a scarcity of the medium in which the swabs are placed before being processed for results.

As time goes on, San Francisco is also adding more information Press Release Distribution Service In San Francisco on hospitalizations and ICU beds to its data tracker.

If you would like to see how other counties are reporting coronavirus data, Berkeleyside has done a good piece on the different levels of reporting at the county level. And if you want to hear the top doctors talk about the coronavirus, join Thursday’s ground rounds at UCSF.

Sonoma County has an updated dashboard of cases and deaths in all Bay Area counties that is useful to look at.

And here is their dashboard for the world, the U.S. and California.

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