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confirmed cases up 5.1 percent and deaths remain at 20

The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides updates daily at 9 a.m. We will do the same.

The latest count, again up just slightly,  still shows 77 patients hospitalized, 50 people in acute care and 27 people in the ICU, who are confirmed positive San Francisco News with COVID-19. It sets the new April mark for the least recorded COVID-19 hospitalizations.

It is unclear whether these 77 patients are the same patients as yesterday or whether there were discharges and new admits within the same day. There are 39 additional patients hospitalized who are suspected to have COVID-19.

San Francisco homeless residents, like 26-year old Keith Williams, are still waiting for help and shelter to survive in the midst of COVID-19.

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Public health officials will launch a massive campaign to test as many residents as possible in an area with some 5,700 residents who live between South Van Ness and Harrison Streets from Cesar Chavez to 23rd Street starting Thursday. The area belongs in Census Press Release Distribution Service In San Francisco Tract 229.01 where a high concentration of immigrant workers live.  A new map published by the city shows the Mission District with the highest number of cases and the fourth-highest rate of infection.

If you want to hear the top doctors talk about the coronavirus, join Thursday’s ground rounds at UCSF.

Sonoma County has an updated dashboard of cases and deaths in all Bay Area counties that is useful to look at.

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